questionsNo matter how much information you include in your auction, you will have buyers who will have questions. It could be that they’d like to know if you can use a different shipping service, or they could be wondering whether you ship to Canada. You also could have missed something in the auction, like measurements, or there could be an error in the listing.

Buyers that ask questions are ready to buy. When a buyer asks a question, it means they are serious about bidding on your item. So, consider questions a great thing! Usually, lots of questions coincide with lots of bidding activity.

Including an FAQ Section in Your Auction

After you’ve sold a few items on Ebay, you’ll start to realize what questions keep popping up over and over again. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions, which you should provide an answer to in your auction:

• Do you ship to Canada?

• Can I purchase insurance for this item?

• Do you combine shipping?

• How quickly will you ship this item?

• When do I have to pay for this item by?

• Will you ship to a friend’s house (or only to a confirmed address)?

• What shipping service do you use?

If you set up a template, you’ll only have to provide this FAQ once. This should answer nearly all questions that your buyers might have, though you’ll still have plenty of questions from buyers. Creating an FAQ will drastically cut down on the amount of questions buyers ask. In addition, it can also increase your sales. How? Many interested buyers can’t be bothered in contacting the seller and awaiting their response. People are busy, and to them, who knows how long you’ll take to get back to them. Answering all of their questions right in the auction will enhance their trust and potentially gain you a bid or sale.

You can also includes an FAQ about the brand or type of item. If you sell the same types of items over and over again, and you’re getting the same questions again and again, why not include those questions along with an answer right in the auction? Save it as a template to sell on, or save the template to your computer, and you’ll cut way back on the time that you’re on the computer answering buyers’ questions.

Filling Out Item Specifics

Filling out all of the Ebay item specifics will also add to the information available to buyers, some of which may be things that you wouldn’t have thought to include. Some of those are the manufacturers parts number, the ISBN number, the model, product line, color, size, battery size, measurements, year released, and many other details. These specifics are given high visibility on mobile, and in search engines. Filling out all of these specifics will not only help buyers with their questions, but it will help find new buyers who may be searching using these item specifics. That means higher bids for you, and more money in your pocket at the end of the auction.

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