Find More Potential Buyers with Search Engine Traffic

With Ebay, there’s a huge built in audience that could potentially view your auctions. Traffic on Ebay is a major portion of where your potential traffic can come from, but with the right search engine optimization, you can find new potential buyers to supplement your views. Depending on your marketing efforts and where the traffic is coming from, this can increase your sales, your traffic, and exposure. Try using these tried and true Ebay SEO tips and start selling more through Google search results, articles, and linking.

Increase Your Search Engine Presence with Backlinks

Backlinks are one of the keys to optimizing your store for success. If you’re just starting out, this can sound like a difficult task, and it does take time. Building links slowly and naturally are what search engines want to see, so take your time to build up high quality links heading to your Ebay store from the most relevant sources that you can find. The sooner you start, the better off you’ll be.

Your own personal blog, social media, guest blogging, and online articles are a great source of backlinks. Write your own content to promote your Ebay store, or find someone else to write it for you. Try marketing specific keywords or keyword phrases that buyers could be interested in to get to your store. Link not just to your home page, but to other pages within your store. These deep links to specific pages will help other pages within your store get indexed, not just one single page.

Optimizing Your Ebay Auctions for Keywords

Keywords are one of the most important aspects to gain success on Ebay. Keywords, as you probably already know, are the most important part of your auction title, but are incredibly important inside the auction as well.

If there’s one thing that you should avoid with your Ebay auction it’s terseness. Don’t be short. Be lengthy, descriptive, and give your buyers all of the information that they might need. Sprinkle in keywords like the brand name, color, item code and size throughout the listing.

Your auction photos can also be optimized for search engines. Adding your own ALT tags to the description will have some weight with search engines, specifically image searches like Google Image Search. Consider using the largest size photo available. Not only do people appreciate the detail, but it can boost bids with all of that visual information.

Increase Your On Site Ebay Links

Ebay Stores allow you additional custom pages with a basic subscription. You also have your About ME Page. You should be utilizing all of these resources that are at your disposal to fully optimize your store. Once you’ve written your custom pages, you’ll find those may not be enough. There are a few ways to get more pages and links headed into your Ebay store. Ebay Guides offer infinite ways to promote your store. Offer up some advice on how to use the products you sell, review them, and offer useful, in-demand articles through your Guides. These index perfectly in search engines, and often attain a high traffic after just a few months. Link to your Ebay store in every guide, or to a page within your store. There’s currently no limit to the amount of guides you can create, so take advantage of this!

Links can also be gained from the Ebay forums. Link to your store from your signature and you’ll see a slight rise in traffic (and a lot of incoming links once you start posting more often).

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