If a store is good enough, shouldn’t bloggers and other websites automatically be linking to your website? If buyers can’t find you, then they aren’t going to link

 to you. Websites that naturally receive backlinks are usually those that are the most helpful and provide some sort of reference. Backlinks are how your Ebay store will be found in search engines, and it’s one of the best ways to grow your business. The more quality backlinks that point to your website, the better your chances are of gaining a customer base outside of the Ebay marketplace (an entirely new market for you!).

Things are different and ever changing with SEO and backlinking strategies. Yesterday, you could count on links from many different sources like article websites, directories, and blog commenting. Today, those methods aren’t working.

Today, you’ll need to focus on social media, and connections. Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms will provide you with a way to reach new customers.

First and foremost, you should make sure you have plenty of words and keywords in your Ebay store. If your store is empty, then search engines are likely to avoid it. This means you’ll want to fill out your store header and description with keyword rich sentences that accurately describe the items that you sell. If you offer free shipping on these items, that’s a good thing to include there as well (and it’s a highly searched term).

Ways to Increase Backlinks to Your Ebay Store

Mainly, it’s going to be you providing the new backlinks to your Ebay store. You’ll be trying to attract new links, as well as put new links out there on the web.

1. Facebook. Today, Facebook drives just as much traffic as Google. A popular website on Facebook is a popular website on Google. The two are intertwined. A link that goes viral on Facebook can generate thousands of visitors. It’s up to you to create the content that will be worth enough to get that much of a reaction in the first place!

2. Twitter. While links from Twitter may not be the mostly highly valued links, they do matter. Tweeting a link to an individual custom page or store category can bring in new potential buyers. It might also earn you a retweet if it’s helpful to buyers.

3. Your Blog.The notion of blogging can be a scary concept for non-writers to grasp. Don’t think of yourself as a writer or a blogger, but rather a business person that’s merely describing items to the buying public. It’s just like your Ebay auctions. Describe them to the best of your ability, but now on your blog, add a little extra. Tell people the best ways to use a specific item, give them a reference guide for buying a brand, or tell them about your newest items in a top ten list. Link back to your auctions, your individual store pages, your About ME page, and your other blog posts.

4. Web Directories. (Please note: we do not consider web directories a valid source of traffic in 2017, but we will leave this information for archive purposes. Consider the other linking methods talked about here instead, unless you can find one or two great directories that you think would be an asset to your business).

Once you’ve established a niche for your store and you’ve developed a following, you should be able to easily find related web directories for your Ebay store. While listing your store in paid directories might not be worth the aggravation or money, there are thousands of free, high PageRank web directories on the web. If you spent just five minutes a day adding your link to directories and making a different custom description for each one, that’s 365 new links from 365 different domains. In Google’s eyes, that’s authority, and it can land you a decent spot for the keyword terms you’re looking for in search engines.

5. Blog Commenting. While most blog comments are nofollow, many are dofollow. The difference between nofollow and dofollow are basically that the “nofollow” links tell search engines to ignore the link. Dofollow links DO count. Blog commenting works best when you leave insightful comments on a blog related to your niche. “Nice blog, I agree with you 100%! Check out my blog if you have a minute” is a horrible comment. It doesn’t draw the reader or the blogger into your comment. In fact, it might even hurt your reputation if you leave that same comment on many blogs. Try to stick with the relevant comments that provide value. Just be honest, be open, and be thorough. The result can be traffic, as well as extra backlinks to your Ebay store

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