Brand Your Ebay Store and Attract Buyers with a Professional Logo

Building an identity for yourself on a website of millions of people isn’t something that should be done tomorrow, next week, or next year. To stand out from the pack, it should be done today. One of the best ways that you can set yourself apart from the sea of other like-minded sellers is to create a memorable visual of your store with the right logo.
You might be thinking to yourself that you can create a logo in Photoshop, or that you know some guy that creates logos on the side, or that you can just use some free clipart or vectors to create your own unique logo. Unless you are a top notch graphic designer with a history of creating unique logos, then rely on a professional to create a long lasting logo that will create an impact. Creating a professional atmosphere and feeling through a logo is one of the best ways to draw in potential customers.

How many auctions have you passed by where the logo really “wowed” you? Can you think of any logos right off the top of your head that really stuck with your from Ebay (besides the actual Ebay logo)? Personally, I could only think of one that I remember out of thousands, and it’s obvious that logo was created by a professional.

Is it Expensive to Have a Logo Created for You?

It’s not cheap, but it’s not that expensive either. You can get a great logo for around $150. Now, that can be a lot of money for some people, but you really have to consider it an investment in your business (because it is!). The more serious you treat your Ebay business, the better the chance of success you’ll have. And really, $150 isn’t much money at all in the long run, but it can make a huge difference in the way people view your business.

If you’re in the business of driving traffic to your store to get plenty of buy-it-now purchases, then you’ll need a professional look that will mesh with your Ebay store and your niche. Nothing makes buyers hit the back button faster than a store that has a shoddy logo, a sloppy presentation, and a hodgepodge gathering of random items to sort through.

If you’ve already set up shop, then a shiny new logo is just the thing you’ll need to present the right image to the paying customer. Not only will it be an attractive header in your store, but you can use this same logo in your marketing materials, in your email newsletters, and as a clickable banner in your auctions or in articles you publish on the web. Those that have an accompanying brick and mortar store, you can use the logo also on your vehicle, on promotional materials, t-shirts, and bumper stickers.

Now that you’ve thought of the possibilities a new logo can offer, it doesn’t seem that much to spend, does it?

Since you’ve decided on buying a new logo for your Ebay store or business, it’s time to buy one.

I researched the top logo design communities and websites prior to making a logo for my most recent business. Of the 20+ logo companies I researched, I only found one that I agreed with their terms, refund policy, and really liked the work the designers were creating. What I also liked about this company was that they didn’t just use one designer, but many. With this specific company, many designers will submit their best work to you.

While my recent logo project wasn’t for Ebay, it was a very specific logo that needed to be created. I was really pleased with the designs offered, and there were over a dozen different graphic artists competing for the “prize money” that I put up. In the end, I had over 55 entries to choose from. I would have been happy with any of the top five.

The Best Logo Company I Found

The website that I used was, which has a great reputation from customers. Starting at around $145, you can get a great logo with their introductory package. With this package, you’ll have logos submitted from designers who will seek to win the contest you set up by submitting logos. You are given seven days to choose a winner. Within those seven days, it’s your job to provide feedback to the designers so that they can make changes, and so other designers can read what you do and don’t like.

The number of revisions is really unlimited. I contacted my top choices and worked with them to create the final versions for me to choose from. It was just a few edits through short constructive feedback that ultimately led me to the winning design. I couldn’t be more happy with the results. To erase any doubts that were in my head and to help choose a winner, I set up a poll right on the contest page and sent it to my friends and family. The feedback here was crucial, and helped me award the clear winner.

Using 99designs

Here are some notes on using 99designs that you might find helpful if you decide to use them with your logo project:

  • Write a really clear design brief so that designers know exactly what you’re looking for. Describe what it is that you’ll be using the logo for, if you have any ideas, and also what you don’t like.
  • Log in daily and communicate with the contest entrants. You can do this simply by logging in, viewing your contest, and leaving some comments at the bottom of the contest. You can also contact designers individually.
  • Browse other designers in the community right at the launch of the contest. I didn’t find out you could do this until later on in the contest, but I saw some really talented artists that I was really impressed by.
  • Send comments, messages, and edits to the designers on a continuous basis before the contest ends. This way they can make many refinements now that you can work with.
  • With your Ebay logo, be sure to tell them what it is that you’re selling, what you aim to get out of the logo, where you’ll be using it, and any ideas that you’ve come up with so far. They’ll be able to design a great logo that will compliment your niche and pre-existing store theme and colors. Then, once you have your logo, you can strategically placing it in your auctions, email newsletters, and as a header in your store to give that sleek, professional presentation buyers are expecting from someone they can trust.
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