Selling artwork on Ebay can be a fun experience, but there are certain things you need to know before attempting this. First, you’ll need either an already established artist, or a group of artists so that you can sell plenty of artwork in your storefront and properly market it. The artists that you deal with will also have to be prolific in order for you to turn a profit, so you’ll have to have plenty of items to sell. If you’re dealing with unknowns on Ebay, it’s going to be hard to make the final price go all that high. However, you can set a buy it now price and provide large, detailed photographs of each item, group them all together, provide information on the artists, and have an online gallery of your own. This might even be best coupled with its own website off of Ebay to attract even more attention to the Ebay storefront and auctions.

Five Things to Consider When Selling Artwork on Ebay

1. How will people find you? You could be the next Van Gogh, but if you’re an unknown, you’re likely to stay that way unless you continually sell, sell, and sell some more. Over time, you could develop a following on Ebay, but the road is going to be long and winding one.

2. Is there a market for the type of artwork you are selling on Ebay? Maybe landscape paintings sell like crazy on Ebay, but abstract sculptures don’t. The marketplace for artwork on Ebay is a curious beast, so get out there and do some searching before you put up your valuable artwork for pennies on the dollar.

3. Cheaper priced artwork doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be making more sales.Higher priced products sell on Ebay, too. While the paying customer may ultimately determine the price of your artwork, you should have some standards and minimums you’d like to set. If you already have a price point in mind, stick to it, and figure out instead how you’d like to get more interested customers to see your artwork.

4. Not all traffic is the same. If you have 1,000 hits from StumbleUpon, or maybe a website that linked to you that sells monkey diapers, you’re not very likely to make a sale. These are casual window shoppers. Where are the real buyers? You’ve got to go find them, and direct them to your auctions. They could be lurking in forums, or they could be searching around the internet for the perfect painting. Create a page or blog to promote your artwork, then expand on that.

5. To sell a lot of artwork online, you have to be able to write well, too. Search engines care more about the words than they do pictures (if search engines had feelings, that is). In other words, they give higher preference to those websites that have plenty to say. If you have a gallery of photos and little words, you could be missing out on potential search traffic. Besides, if you can offer more information on each piece of artwork you have for sale, the better your chances of landing a sale.

In each auction, you should include a bio about the artist, if available, as well as as much information that helps describe the product as possible. With artwork especially, customers are going to expect a professional looking auction, so be sure to find an auction template that is clean and attractive.

Customers will also want to make sure that the product arrives intact and in perfect condition. While you personally can’t hand deliver the product, you could share with them how you take the utmost care in packaging the product to avoid potential damages. These tips for shipping Ebay items will help you out. It might be a good idea to have insurance included in the shipping costs to cover yourself.

Last, but not least, you’ll want your reputation to be 100%. That means you’ll need to bend over backwards to make every transaction a complete success, even when you feel like the buyer is wrong. This means you might have to accept returns, and that you should write up a return policy so there’s no confusion down the road. Put that return policy in each of your Ebay auctions, where buyers can clearly read it.

If the item you are listing doesn’t sell, don’t give up hope. There’s the fixed price format that can lead to occasional buy it now sales. As you build up your artwork inventory, you might even consider opening your own Ebay store to promote your personal brand. Having a permanent place for buyers to find you — your store URL — is always an advantage in terms of promotion as well.

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