Take Great Photos of your Ebay Products That Will Help it Sell

A lot of new sellers on Ebay make the mistake of not learning some basic photography tips. This can really hurt your bottom line. I know I’ve personally picked up some steals on items that have been poorly photographed that should have had a much higher selling price. All it takes to drive up your selling price is a better photo on your ebay auctions, which isn’t hard to accomplish. Read on for some basic tips for better photography in your auctions that will help increase traffic, bids and profits!

Photography Accessories to Take Better Photos

Taking better photos requires a few things. First, you need a very brightly lit area that looks naturally lit. Bright flashes white out the true colors of your product, and cause the picture to look fuzzy and unappealing. You’ll also need a tripod to get a steady shot without blur, and some basic photography supplies like an umbrella will help, too. These two products will probably cost less than $150, but will pay themselves off infinitely in the quality of the photos.

Choosing the Right Camera

When you choose your digital camera, you’re going to want to pick one with the manual focus so you can adjust. Automatic focus is good, but it often goes haywire and doesn’t focus on the close up aspects and details you need it to when you zoom. Speaking of zoom in, you’re going to need a camera with good optical zoom as well. I use a lens that has 12x optical zoom. It’s ideal for not just my Ebay photography, but for my outdoor photography and for vacations, parties, etc.

Many cameras have a built in “Ebay” setting, but you may not need that. Setting your camera on a typical “landscape” setting will usually yield good results.

Photo Editing for Your Ebay Pics

A photo editing program will help tidy up your photo, lighten or darken the photo, and maybe add some text or borders to make your photo look more professional. You can also adjust the resolution and image size so the file doesn’t take forever to upload to the site. Keep in mind that big borders around your gallery photo are prohibited, so exercise caution with that.

Be sure to check out YouTube for tutorials on how to take pictures of your items, most of which you can accomplish with just your phone. Good luck!

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