There are a number of ways you can advertise your store through your current auctions, driving traffic to your Ebay store from each listing even if the auction itself doesn’t get any bids. Besides current auctions, you can also benefit from completed listings. Completed listings are items that have already sold, whether they’ve had a successful bidder or not.

First of all, you’ll need to run your auction smoothly and have a great title chosen already. Consider your completed items another advertisement for your store. While buyers have to be logged in to view completed listings on Ebay, they can sometimes surface in the search results even after the item is over.

To take the most advantage of this, you should try to have a few links throughout your content to your store. The Auctiva window is an excellent example of how you can advertise your current items in an expired listing. While that item may not be available, the buyer might be interested in an identical or similar item featured in your Auctiva store window. These are free, and will pull some of your current auction items (you can specify which ones you’d like to have featured).

Another way to get buyers to your store from expired auctions is to turn the store listing frame on. This will feature five deep links to categories within your store. In addition to this, you can have a banner and/or text links within the content of every auction that you run. For the best results, try to link to similar categories of your store that the buyer might be interested in. Some captivating copy that entices the buyer to click on your current items can’t hurt either. Something like:

“Find our current auction items for brand new Craftsman Power Drills here”

would work perfectly. If you’re running an incentive, like free shipping, reduced shipping, a free accessory, or some other promotion, put that into the anchor link text as well. The more reasons you can give them to click, the more traffic you’ll receive to your store.

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