eBay buyers first and foremost are usually looking for a deal. To increase repeat traffic to your listings, eBay buyers are looking for the total package, a great experience from start to finish..so if they’re satisfied with their first transaction, there’s a possibility they might come back. One way to keep in touch with past and potential customers is through blogging. You’ll be able to promote your store through your own personal blog. Better yet, ask someone else to blog your site or store.

Blogging is definitely one of the better ways to increase traffic to your own website or eBay store, and being on eBay you already have some sort of traffic flowing to your blog. But how can you increase it? The more targeted traffic to your blog, the more possible sales from potential buyers who might slip into your store and make a purchase.

Use keywords.

Not only is there a search bar in the eBay blog, but the search engines can find you as well with good keyword usage. Sprinkle in some items that you sell, maybe your store URL, and other relevant keywords.

Link all over your store and listings.

Leave links to your eBay blog in your listings and you’ll see more traffic headed to your blog. Most will return to your listing, and some will want to return to read more information, perhaps taking a visit to your store? Link throughout your store on any pages you can, even on your listing frame if you’d like.

Offer something unique and different.

There are thousands and thousands of blogs to read, but what makes yours stand out? Would a reader return for more? Is it compelling, well-written, error-free and informative?

Don’t spam.

It’s best to leave great content, and keep your spamming limited, if any. Readers want content, they’ll visit your site based on how they like your blog. Generally, spam and advertisements have negative impacts on the number of readers.

Refrain from a text only post.

Pictures, bullets, numbering or other means of breaking up a page will let readers more quickly scan your blog, absorbing more of your content and providing more interest. Think about it, when you see a large block of text, you may immediately think “boring!” Add some variations and try new things, use your own pictures or creative ways of presenting your blog.

Pay attention to your traffic.

Looking at how many people have viewed your blog is very important. This way, you can see if you’re blogging is paying off, being read, our related to your increase in sales. Maybe it might be time to change up your content, or maybe you have a winning formula! You can also view your my world page to see how many people have viewed that as well.

Blog daily.

Blogging often is one of, if not THE, most imporant part of effective blogging. If you make a great post that has garnered some traffic, you want to follow it up soon with another high quality post. Your readers will appreciate it, and they’ll come to expect it.

Add even more links!

Link in your email signature, forum signature, other blogs, about me page, and you’re certain to see some more traffic.

Be Consistent.

Not only is the regularity of your postings important, but sticking to the topic is something people want to see. For example you have an ebay store, and you post about one of your hobbies, your knowledge of your store items, and maybe some seasonal anecdotes. Sticking to this usual recipe is a good idea, if that’s what people like and it’s getting traffic. If you never get a comment on a post and you’ve posted MANY times on that subject, maybe it’s a dud and it’s time to rethink how you’re wording your posts or titles. Or, it might be time to think of a new regular topic.

Give them something to talk about.

People love controversy, information they can’t find anywhere else, or things that really make them think. They want something that is going to help them in their own lives, or give them something to pass along to someone else. How can you relate this to your products? Only you can know based on what you’re selling, but generally people are in love with secrets. Let them in on some of yours!

Ebay recently deleted their blogs from their systems, leaving thousands of posts suddenly vanished. Use your own blogs, which are free, and you’ll experience more traffic anyway.

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