If you own a small business, having a web presence is one of the most essential parts of getting the word out about your business. While the overall big picture of optimizing your website for search engines involves many steps, there is one small thing you can do right away that will give your site its rightful place at the top of search engines, and that’s listing your small business on Google.

The first thing that you’ll want people to be able to locate is: YOU! If a person searches for your website, you’ll want to make sure your business comes up first in search results. If you own a physical, brick-and-mortar location for your business, or rent an office space, you can list your business on Google Maps using Google My Business.

Using Google My Business is free. That’s the best part. The other part is it really isn’t much work, and will only take minutes to set up a profile. However, you will want to spend an adequate amount of time to make sure your profile looks good.

Google will prompt you to enter your personal information, the location of the business, and a website is a must (you can contact us to create one for your to get started!).

Once your Google My Business profile is live, it will be ready for the world to view. Your listing should appear at the top of search results for your business name when searched. In addition, people browsing Google Maps will now see your website. Your business may also appear if potential customers are searching for someone in your industry, so be sure to fill out the entire profile with plenty of information about you.

Now that you’re done, you should have a great addition to your online presence up and running! However, there is one last thing you’ll want to do. Your business profile will appear a little empty unless some people start to review your website. Like Yelp and Trip Advisor, Google has star ratings along with reviews about each and every business listed. If you can, encourage your satisfied clients to leave a good word about your business by emailing them or messaging them. This one last step can be a big boost to your profile!

Have any questions about setting up your Google My Business profile? Let us know in the comments!

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