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Where to Find Black Friday and Cyber Monday Online Sales and Deals for Reselling

On Black Friday, you’ll find countless deals in brick and mortar stores. However, your time is not limitless. If you shop online instead, you’ll beat the crowds, be able to shop for more stuff, and still be able to sleep in and not leave the comfort of your home. We’ll point you in the right direction to find the best deals online, and save you some money on your Black Friday purchases.

Remember having to park outside of the mall or that one store where people were lined up? Those days are over. It’s no longer necessary to shop that way to find deals on Black Friday. The best sales can be found online, not in person. What does that mean for you? More time with your family, less time shopping in stores, and more money in your wallet (we could all use a little more of that, right?). Read on for some money saving tips, information on how to find online coupon codes for Black Friday, and how to find great discounts on everything on your Christmas shopping list this year!

How to Save Money on Black Friday

Black Friday doesn’t just exist in retail stores, it exists online as well. Retailers offer substantial savings for hungry discount shoppers and looking for great buys during the holiday season. The great thing about finding these deals on the web is that you will have the time to comparison shop instead of going from store to store (not to mention you won’t have to brave the elements, try to find a parking space, or stay up late to get these deals!).

Like any other year of holiday shopping, you’ll want to make a list of who you want to buy for and what you’re buying for them, so you won’t be tempted by some of the other items offered – though you can find some great deals that you may have not expected to find during your hunt.

Some of the best ways to save money on Black Friday Online:

1. Use coupon codes. Coupon codes are usually advertised on the home page of websites during this time of year, and sometimes can include offers like free shipping or free gifts included with your order. If you can’t find a coupon code on the website, try coupon code websites like Retail Me Not. Just search their website for the name of the website you’re shopping at.

2. Know the deals ahead of time.Shop the clearance section of other stores, check, and check Google for prices of the product you are buying. Sometimes even the advertised sale price is higher than you can get the same item somewhere else.

3. Check Ebay. It isn’t just for used stuff, they have plenty of brand new items as well. Search the website for deals on the same product. You might be surprised by what you find.

4. Shop with free shipiping. Most online retailers are smart enough in this day and age to offer free shipping. If they don’t, try to find a coupon code online. Use Google to search for the name of the company plus the phrase “free shipping” to find the latest coupon codes to enter upon checkout.

5. Make sure the retailer offers returns. Check the return policy so you don’t get stuck with an item that the recipient doesn’t want, need, or like.

6. Use a Rebate App, like Ebates. There are also others like Checkout21 and Ibotta. Using their app, it may automatically remind you to click through to get the rebate every time you make a purchase from one of the approved retailers.

7. Don’t limit yourself to Black Friday. The best deals can be found not just on one day of the year, but throughout the year. If you keep your eyes open on clearance sections and sales alerts, chances are you might find deals just as good or better than Black Friday itself.

8. Fund your purchases with a rewards credit card. This is an easy way to make an additional percentage back on your purchases. It’s small, but it will add up, especially when you’re buying in bulk.

Cyber Monday Deals

The Monday following Black Friday you’ll get another rush of deals and excitement as retailers wait for the wave of shoppers to hit the online checkout. It’s been dubbed Cyber Monday by online retailers. Why Monday? Most people head back to work Monday, shopping online at work (don’t let your boss catch you!). These deals are often not as good as Black Monday online deals, though they vary from site to site. Typically, the best deals can be found on Black Friday and at the shipping cutoff deadline for Christmas. Again, this can vary from retailer to retailer, so check your favorite sites often for the current deals.

Go to Familiar Places

Check the websites of the stores you already visit. If you usually shop at Wal-Mart, check their website. If you like Borders, go there. Last, but not least check They have substantial savings on almost every single item you can imagine. The prices are often lower and the shipping is sometimes free with their Super Saver Shipping.

How to save even more money on your purchases on Black Friday

Besides hunting for bargains, you can also save money a few other ways:

1. Join rewards programs on websites like Ebay. Recently rolled out is the Ebay Bucks program, which allows you to accrue points for your purchases. These points are redeemable for credits on the website.

2. Use a rewards credit card to pay for your items. If you pay for your gifts with a rewards card, you’ll be able to accrue points towards items or gift cards. Just make sure to pay off the entire balance when the statement comes in at the end of the month, so you won’t accrue finance charges. If you already have a balance on your card, this might not be the best option for you.

3. Visit Sometimes their shopping portal offers discounts on huge websites like Overstock and other big name brands you’ll be shopping at for the holiday season. These discounts may not be offered anywhere else. If you don’t have a PayPal account, learn how to sign up for a PayPal account here.

New to Online Shopping? Follow These Basic Tips:

If you’re new to online shopping, there are a few things to know to have a secure transaction. Most big name websites are very secure, but you’ll still want to be careful when shopping online. Here are some tips:

  • Use PayPal when possible. The seller protection policy will protect you from sellers that offer product that doesn’t live up to what it was supposed to. This means damaged goods, items not received, or other problems that could potentially arise.
  • Use a credit card, not your bank account. First off, use PayPal when possible to fund purchases. This desguises your banking info or credit card information. If you use a credit card instead of a bank account, you’ll also have protection from the credit card company. If you do happen to have some sort of theft on your account, it’s always better that they steal credit instead of actual cash from a bank account. The credit card companies will work with you should someone steal your identity.
  • Shop at major retailers and secure smaller websites. To check if a website is secure, simply use PayPal at their website. Another way to be sure that they are reputable is to use McAfee Site Advisor. In Google searches and on the website, it will tell you if the site has been tested and meets their standards for a clean website.
  • Make sure your firewall is intact. Use a good virus protection and that your computer is secure before you shop. Installation of virus protection is simple and well worth the money – they are pretty cheap anyway.

How to Turn These Items Over Into a Quick Profit

It’s not all about gift giving on Black Friday. Retailers are out to make big profits, and so can you. If you’re feeling adventurous, sure, you can go fight the crowds, but you’ll have far better luck if you use your computer and scoop up one-day-only deals that you can resell down the road during the holiday season for bigger bucks. Here are some tips on what you should do to turn items over fast and receive a good profit from them:

  • Don’t buy too much of the same thing. Vary what you buy, but do buy more than one of an item if you’re planning to resell it on Ebay. That way you can do a quick and easy relist. Buy too many of the same item, and you could wind up getting stuck with it.
  • Offer express shipping. Buyers really love express overnight shipping during the last two or three weeks before Christmas. Offering it will practically guarantee sales.
  • Always add a buy it now price. Auctions are a waste of time for everyone this time of year, so just list it buy it now style instead. Buyers need these for gifts!

What ways do you save on Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Have you found any great deals that are so good you’ve decided to resell it for a bigger profit? Tell us about it in the comments!

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Why You Should Set up a PayPal Account

Why Should You Use PayPal for your Online Transactions?

For Ebay, PayPal will cover all or most transactions when receiving money, and definitely for buying. PayPal will safely encrypt your transaction, while offering the safety of the PayPal Protection program. This will cover you in case of any loss or scam up to a certain dollar amount, while shrouding your credit card and bank account numbers from any online thieves.

The fact of the matter is, you really should be using PayPal to shop online. It’s safe, easy, and most buyers have really come to expect it. There are many advantages to using this online checkout, and very few disadvantages. Here, we’ll go over some of the reasons you should be using PayPal, and a few reasons why you may not want to.paypal logo

Reasons to Use PayPal

PayPal couldn’t be easier to use. It just involves you logging into your account and providing the payment method. Opting to use a credit card will also help add an additional layer of protection in case things go awry.

  1. PayPal will encrypt your payment, so others can’t see what you’re doing and steal your information.
  2. The PayPal Protection Policy will allow you to have some extra security on your payment in case the seller doesn’t send the item, or if it gets lost.
  3. You can easily receive payments from businesses, or from someone you know.
  4. It’s an easy way to add a checkout feature to your website. It can be set up in minutes.
  5. Payments are instant, so you no longer have to wait for the check.
  6. The rate of commission PayPal charges is relatively reasonable, around 3%.
  7. No more dealing with cashing checks, or waiting for them to clear.
  8. Your banking information will remain private. No more checking account numbers floating around.
  9. You’re more likely to receive business if you accept PayPal. Online shoppers feel more secure and trust the PayPal symbol. Having it will surely increase your sales.
  10. PayPal will help resolve any claims or disputes that buyers have against you, in the odd occassion that it happens. Keep all of your receipts for delivery confirmation when shipping an item and require insurance for the buyer and you will be okay.
  11. It’s greener than paper. Less paper waste and delivery time means less paper consumed.
  12. It’s free. Setting up a PayPal account costs no money.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use PayPal

For the most part, PayPal is great. It’s protecting your identity, and concealing your information. How could you not like that? Like anything in the world, you could point out a few cons:

  • As a merchant, you’ll be charged when you accept payment from PayPal. Actually, anyone receiving cash will be charged a fee. This is small, and comparable to what credit card companies charge merchants, so there’s not too much difference here.
  • PayPal could get hacked into. It hasn’t happened very often, but it could happen.
  • Someone could use your credit cards and accounts if they somehow logged into your account. The good news is that it’s still protected by PayPal if they do.

Tips on Using PayPal

It’s basic for the most part to use PayPal, but there are some things to consider when using it. They do require a bank account to set up an account. I would recommend using a savings account instead of a checking, so the account will not receive “insufficient funds” fees if the account has been drained. I would also recommend always changing the funding to a credit card if possible. PayPal will try to do everything to convince you to use cash, but it’s in your own best interests to use a credit card. Not only will you have extra protection of your own card, but you won’t have to worry about keeping track of how much money is in your bank account. Always change the funding source before payment to your credit card (if this is the payment method you prefer).

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How to Avoid Fraud and Scammers on Ebay

Scammers have been at it on Ebay for years to try and dupe sellers into shipping out merchandise that was purchased using a hacked account. This is a huge issue for both buyers and sellers on Ebay, and the issue isn’t going away. One of the most recent cases was by these fraudsters who tried to dupe a security expert on Ebay. In the auction, the buyer hacked into someone’s PayPal account to purchase the item, then cancelling the payment in hopes the seller would not receive the email before the seller found out. The buyer keeps their money, and gets the laptop. Luckily, PayPal responded fast and sent the email quickly to the seller.

This is an all too familiar incident for sellers. How many times have you had an item yanked down because of fraudulent bidding? It’s just plain annoying. So how can you reduce the number of items that are removed by Ebay for fraudulent bidding? Don’t make your listings attractive to these types of people. Not always, but a good majority of these buyers are located internationally. Set your payment settings to require a feedback above “0,” and don’t sell to countries that are constantly trying to scam you. Check out this forum thread on the Ebay Discussion board that lists some of the riskiest countries to ship to on Ebay, along with some dialogue from experienced international shippers.

It almost seems like it comes with the territory if you sell on Ebay to expect a certain number of bids and sales to be fraud, especially if you are selling in certain categories. Electronics and expensive clothing/accessories are highly susceptible to hackers. Apparently they have a thing for handbags and laptops.

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