No matter how big a website gets, there’s always room for improvement, and there will always be other places that you can use to drive traffic to your website. Ebay is one of the most visited websites in existence, yet, you can still get lost in the shuffle on this massive marketplace. Once your sales have started to hit a plateau, you may want to consider finding new buyers outside of Ebay.

Here’s a list of ten places that will drive traffic to your Ebay store through content marketing, social networking, and interaction:

1.Facebook. The most social spot on the web is also one of the best spots to get additional traffic flowing to your business. Take advantage of your current connections and friends list to occasionally put your Ebay business out there.

2. Twitter. Like Facebook, this social website has major clout with buyers. Use your current friend list to leverage your Ebay store, or set up an entirely new profile for your store and start networking with people interested in your niche. A word to the wise: only tweet your own link when it’s appropriate, or you’ll be known as the neighborhood spammer (and your followers will leave you!).

3. Pinterest. The great thing about Pinterest is that you can advertise not just your products, but you can break it down into very specific categories. Pinterest is image based, and will provide you with a whole new community to get to see your stuff. If you have unique images to share, this is a great place to upload images and send traffic back to your site. Just be sure to include the URL of your Ebay store, so people can find you.

4. StumbleUpon. This website may not have all that many buyers, but the increase in visitors from StumbleUpon can be encouraging, to say the least. Try stumbling your pages related to your Ebay items as well. You’ll have a better chance of your page getting StumbleUpon traffic if there is something there that’s worth reading, not just products.

5. Instagram. This is a very easy place to share photos, and is owned by Facebook. In fact, it can be seamlessly integrated with Facebook so that your Instagram photos are uploaded to Facebook as well. If you have unique finds, sharing them on Instagram will do you just as good as Facebook (and you’ll be doing one and the same if you sync the two). To increase your reach, use hashtags, descriptions, and most importantly, post things users will find interesting.

6. Facebook Pages. This is a completely different animal than Facebook itself. Pages allow you to create a home for your business that you can post any content that you wish. Create something interesting and worth sharing, and people will do just that — share it with other people. Growing your fan base can result in more traffic to your business, so be sure to appeal to the niche audience that best fits in with your customer base. Post links to your store or an item you want to showcase, as well as plenty of other useful, entertaining or thought provoking content, which can include links to other people’s content, not just your own.

7. YouTube. This one could require a little more work, but could be worth it. First, you’ll need a reason to create a video in the first place. An amateurish video spot won’t exactly bring in customers, so you’ll also need to be savvy with a photo editing program. A link in the description will help drive the traffic. Now, it’s your turn to create a compelling video people will want to watch.

8. Blogger. Also known as Blogspot, Blogger is a free blogging platform to showcase your writing. This is a great opportunity to provide searchers with some additional information about your products, all the while linking back to your Ebay store and Ebay pages. A tip for using Blogger: Post often, and keep posting. Blogger seems to reward blogs for posting content regularly with a decent amount of traffic.

9. WordPress. This is the publishing platform that most online writers choose, whether it’s a free blog, or a self hosted one of your own choosing. This site, even when used for free as at, has a lot of respect with search engines and readers. If you’d really like to promote your best items and the entire niche you sell, this is a great place to share what you know. Remember, you don’t have to choose just one of these sites — you can use all of them to promote your store. The only downside is does not support ads, so you will not earn on anything you create here. Self hosting your own WordPress domain has no limits, and you can place ads and any other content on your site.

10. Your Own Website. What better way to really define your presence on the web than to create something from scratch? Choose your own domain, plan out the content that you’d like to place on the site, and start linking to your auctions and products using Ebay Partner Network. This can also drive some affiliate sales as a nice bonus.

Intro image by James Cridland.

Besides the websites listed, there are hundreds of different free blogging platforms out there to promote your store, as well as other social media platforms. Which one has worked well for you?

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