ebay alternativesOnline Alternatives to Ebay – Supplement or Replace Auction Sales… Can you Ditch Ebay Altogether?

Ebay got you down? While it may seem that you have no other option, that just isn’t true. Replace your current sales from the world’s biggest marketplace to other ecommerce sites using some of the suggestions on this page. Some of these are auction websites, some are classifieds, while others use completely different methods to find online traffic direct it towards your products. Take a look at these recommended alternatives to Ebay and see if one of them suits your needs!

Every so often, Ebay will make some changes in the way that they run things, prompting sellers to look for new Ebay alternatives to use instead. While there have been many, no other auction website has come close at all to being competition with the world’s biggest online marketplace (yeah, we’re talking about the big E-word). However, there are other websites that you should consider for selling your inventory as well. Some you may not have thought of, some you’ve definitely heard of, and some are like Ebay, but with lower fees. Scroll down and read about some of these alternatives and how they rate!


Amazon.com is Ebay’s number one competitor. They have been steadily increasing the amount of sellers that offer goods in their marketplace, without having to worry about the tedious auction format.

Pros: You can sell almost anything and you’ll get the money right away. You won’t have to deal with deadbeat buyers, auctions ending, or even questions from buyers for the most part. It’s an easy way to at least supplement your Ebay earnings. Items also seem to go for a higher price here than on the bargain hunter’s website.

Cons: The fee to be a seller here is steep, at around $60 per month. That means you’ll need lots of inventory and turnover. You also can’t add to specific categories of their website, with some categories like “clothing” being off limits for sellers. You also cannot create your own listings, you can only “sell one like this,” meaning, you piggyback off an existing listing and sell one just like it. Approved merchants do have the ability to create their own listings, but it’s not as simple as Ebay.


While Craigslist isn’t the first place you’d consider as a competitor to Ebay, you shouldn’t rule out the possibility to make sales through their classified ads. If you have large items, lots, or high dollar value items, it’s totally worth it to list on Craigslist. Don’t underestimate the amount of people who are willing to purchase from this site. In it’s nature, it seems people expect a deal from this website, but that’s not always the case.

If you’re already well versed in selling on Ebay, Craigslist should be a snap. You’ll have the advantage, too, of providing content rich descriptions with professional photographs, which really enhance the listing and stand out from the other ho-hum Craigslist ads.

Since there really aren’t many cons to this website, we aren’t going to bother listing them. Besides, it’s free! A great way to save money on fees.

ioffer logoiOffer

iOffer isn’t an auction website, but allows people to put in their offers for the items you are selling. It’s more direct, and you can produce a big turnaround fast. This website is small, but the potential for earnings is big. The fees are also nothing compared to what you’ll pay on Ebay. They say traffic is on the rise on this website, so getting in now might be a good idea.

Pros: This site is really cheap to operate on. You can drag over your Ebay information and listings if you’d like, but it just might be easier to copy and paste it all. This is a great way to boost your income and pay less fees. It works especially well with fashion items and items you have multiple quantities of. Just relist the item and be on your way. Stores here are also free.

Cons: Obviously the exposure isn’t as great as Ebay. The site also doesn’t have as much activity or the resources of the bigger alternative, but they’re growing, give them time.

ubid logouBid

This is probably Ebay’s number one auction competitor (and we mean distant competitor). Some people do make some money on uBid to supplement their Ebay earnings, but levels of success can vary. Some might make more than they were on the other site, some might make far less. At any rate, with free listing fees, it’s worth a shot. The web traffic here seems to be stable.

Pros: Free listing fees, with a lot of promotion on other websites of uBid.

Cons: Nowhere near the traffic of Ebay, plus they hold your earnings for 15 days.

prostores logoProStores

Get away from the competition by giving more money to Ebay? Yes, exactly (ProStores is a part of Ebay). When you think you’ve had enough of their site, just remain calm for a second and think again if the best Ebay alternative is really to leave for good. There really aren’t many other places to sell with the exposure they can provide. The better option might be to supplement your own income first with outside sources, relying less on their site and more on the alternatives. There is one solution that will allow you to utilize Ebay’s exposure, plus create your own identity separate from their website.

ProStores is owned by Ebay, but allows you to host your auctions on a website outside of the Ebay Stores domain. That means you can add as much content to your own site as you’d like, add all of the customization you could possibly dream of, and start linking to your own website instead of Ebay.

Huh? Yes, you’ll still be using Ebay itself, but you’ll be increasing your sales by not relying on their storefront or auction format to propel your sales numbers. You will be in control of that, and ProStores makes it easy to drag your Ebay items over to your new website.

How does this benefit you?

  1. You create your own individualized marketing campaign, your own web presence, and create content you keep on your own website, thereby increasing your branding, findability, and authority.
  2. You provide customers with all of the information they are looking for in one static place. That means you’ll have a better chance of being found in search engines, not just on the Ebay site.
  3. It looks much, much more professional than Ebay Stores. Frankly, it doesn’t even compare, and the cost is pretty cheap. Also, they offer a free 30 day trial.
  4. Your sales will go up. Sales can only increase if you set up your own web presence. Just stay with it, keep building content, and then keep adding new merchandise to your website.
  5. You will be in control of your web presence. Ebay Stores rank horribly in search engines. The search page for that Ebay item is much more likely to rank higher than your actual store. With ProStores, it’s in your control, and you can create your own SEO campaign.

Are there are other alternatives? Yes! Depending on what you sell, Etsy is another now huge marketplace. Facebook has also grown considerably, now with their own marketplace area of the main app/site.

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