booksEbay Essentials That Will Improve the Clarity of Your Auctions to Potential Customers

One of the top reasons auctions perform poorly is that there is a lack of information in the auction. Providing all of the information that your customers will need to make an educated purchase will help them with the buying process, address any questions, concerns and fears that they may have. That information should be communicated in a well organized, attractive, and clear way that your buyer can easily read, scan, and view.

Here are 10 things to make sure you include in every one of your Ebay auctions to help out your buyers, and ensure a higher sale price:

1. At least 4 photos of the item, no matter how small the item is. Buyers can’t see your item in person, so they need to see the bottom, top, side angles, front angles, back angles, and any details like tags, inside tags, accessories, and close-ups to give them a good idea of what exactly your item looks like. Photos are free to add to your auction , up to twelve, so there’s no reason to not add them.

2. The condition of the item.Honesty is key here to a successful auction. As long as you are up front and document any flaws in your item (and photograph them), buyers will still show interest and bid on your item in most cases. Dishonesty will only result in buyer returns and possibly a negative feedback.

3. Your shipping policy and rates. Do you ship today, the next day, or next Friday if I pay today? Customers want to know when they can expect to receive their item, and how much it’s going to cost them before they bid.

4. Your return policy. Returns are a big issue with Ebay. Some sellers do allow returns, while others flat our refuse returns all together. Neither side is right or wrong, and both have their benefits. Decide which policy you want to adopt and stick to it (but realize customers are still going to want to return items once in a while – so be prepared for them to contact you sooner or later).

5. The retail price of the item. Include the full retail price to give buyers an idea of what the item is normally worth, even if the item is pre-owned.

6. Use bold, italics, underlining, and different colors in your text. Limit the underlining and various colors to the things you really need to stick out, instead of overusing it. Sticking with no more than 3 different colors in the text is more visually appealing and effective.

7. Use bulleted lists to make the item details easier to scan through and read. It adds organization to your listing that looks professional, and the buyer will appreciate.

8. Provide an FAQ area at the bottom of your page. Frequently asked questions are going to be “when do you ship?” “what shipping service do you use?” and “do you combine shipping?”.

9. Answer the question whether you ship internationally or not. With more expensive items, it can be worth it to ship internationally. However, shipping insurance is not always available to some countries.

10. Provide a link to your About me page, which should state more about you, and your business.

More Ebay Auction Essentials

When you give the buyer a more complete story, they’ll feel like they can actually touch, see, and experience everything about the item as if they had seen it in person. Utilizing the above techniques are some good ways to give the buyer that experience in a clear, easy to read manner.

Besides the must haves listed above, it’s important to never stop trying to improve your auctions. A few things can save you a lot of time, and create a much more organized place for buyers to browse, click, read, and buy.

  • Templates. Auction templates are readily available for free or for purchase on Ebay itself. These are usually priced very modestly, and can even be customized to your liking. Creating a uniform look throughout your store, auction, and About Me page will create a more “branded” look that buyers will feel comfortable with. You can also use these graphics, colors schemes, and layouts on your blogs and marketing materials. Contact the seller or artist directly to see what else is available for customization. These are often easy copy and paste solutions.
  • Link to your other auctions and store. Link directly to certain sections of your store, or certain complimenting items.
  • Store window. Vendio and Auctiva are the leading sources for creating a store window to showcase your other Ebay items. By directing traffic to your other listings, you are creating cross traffic that can lead to multiple sales from a single buyer. However, these days might be coming to a close as Ebay no longer supports third party scrolling windows (bummer). Hopefully we will have an update for you once we see the viable replacement.
  • Your store logo in every auction. After some time of selling on Ebay, buyers can come to know and trust your logo. Having yours prominently displayed in each auction can give that vote of confidence that the buyer is dealing with someone who really cares about their reputation. This works especially well if you sell in a particular niche on Ebay, where repeat customers will be coming back to you again and again.
  • ISBN or product model number. Ebay now allows extra specifics to be added to the top of every listing beneath the bid information and price. Take advantage of this organized way of communicating important data by listing important specifics like model numbers, ISBN numbers, color, size, and any included materials.

Photo by Hung Thai.

Once you’re done listing all of your important data, implementing a template, writing an FAQ, or placing links to your store pages, remember to save the auction as a listing template. This is on the submission page to finalize the auction before it goes live, and can save a lot of wording down the road.
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