The customer is 100% essential to your success. Without focusing on the customer’s needs, you’re doomed to fail on Ebay. Is there really any excuse to not be catering to buyer’s needs? With everything you do on Ebay, ask yourself how it will help the customer. It it doesn’t help, but actually might make their experience with you worse, then do I even need to tell you what to do?

When buyers come to Ebay, they want to buy the item they are looking for at the price they want to pay for it. And they want it quick. They don’t want to have to fight through hard to read blocks of text, ask you how much your combined shipping rates are, or contact you to get their tracking information. The more you can do to help them out, the better their experience will be, and the more likely they are to return to your store.

Here are some of things that customers really want when they buy on Ebay:

People like free shipping, and it’s encouraged by Ebay to offer it. Try to incorporate it into your auctions when it makes sense. You may profit less per item, but the number of items you sell and the exposure you receive will most likely go up.

Buyers like tracking. Sending delivery confirmation or a tracking number is not only nice, but often expected. If you use Click N Ship online ordering from USPS, you can have the delivery confirmation number automatically sent to the buyer. You’re also more likely to receive a high rating in your DSR’s from this happy buyer for communication. Buying shipping labels through Ebay or Paypal also offers tracking, and will send correspondence to the buyer letting them know the item has shipped, along with the tracking.

Strongly consider requiring insurance on items worth over $25. All it takes is one expensive item to be lost in the mail, and you could be out a week’s pay. Play it smart, especially with more expensive items, and purchase insurance. Make sure to keep the receipt to file a claim should anything happen!

Items still do best in groups. If you have a lot of 40 items and you sell 10 items per week, you may have been better off selling all of those 40 items in the same week long period, provided they are different items. Traffic doesn’t just flow from the Ebay search, it flows from one of your auctions to your next auction, increasing the chance of interested buyers, bids, and overall sales numbers.

People trust sellers with high feedback. Start building your feedback as soon as possible by purchasing items on Ebay and selling smaller, lower priced items. Cheaper items in higher quantity can boost your feedback fast.

Open another Ebay account if you plan on buying and reselling. This way, buyers can’t search through your past transactions and see how much you’ve paid for a certain item.

The new DSR (detailed seller ratings) do have some benefits. If you hit a certain sales number and have a high DSR, you can qualify for a Powerseller discount on listing fees and final value fees. To maintain high DSR ratings, ship quickly, answer questions quickly, and describe the item accurately.

People want their stuff fast. Priority USPS mail still seems to be the best shipping service for Ebay. It’s reasonably priced, and it ships fast all over the country.

Enhance the look of your auction with a template. Templates can easily be purchased through Ebay itself, or if you’re a web design pro, you can make one yourself to suit your Ebay store.

A high buy it now price on auction format listings will help to establish a perceived value of an item. If the starting bid is $99.99, but the buy it now is $199.99, there’s a perception of a deal already just by being the first person to bid at $99.99 (even if it’s unrealistic that someone will purchase it for $199.99 – you never know!).

Buyers love combined shipping. Advertise that you offer combined shipping rates for multiple purchases in several spots throughout your auction, where they can definitely see it. Some sellers have had luck offering free shipping if they spend a certain amount of money (like free shipping on orders over $100).

Until the next post, maybe you should think about exactly what your buyers want, and how you can give it to them?

 Intro photo by Didriks.
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